Young Adolescent reaching for his goal to become a pilot

By: Samantha Torres


Ever been on a plane ride, if you have, then have you ever wondered who’s flying it? Ever thought who is this man or woman that you risk your life to get where you need to be. Your captain is that person, who is a trained professional with years of studying planes and has learned everything about them.

There are gonna to be future pilots from time to time, David Jose Bautista is an 18-year-old senior in Mater Lakes Academy High School, MLA, who is studying in aeronautics to become a pilot as well.

Born in Santa Monica, California, Bautista lived in California until he was 8-years-old and then moved to Miami, Florida afterwards.

He began to have a liking for planes he was around 12 to 13-years-old in 7th grade. He is now learning about planes and later on might learn how to fly one.

” I want to be a pilot because I’ve always loved the skies and the fact that we as humans have always dreamt of flying and that I have that honor of doing what so many people dream of doing is… amazing,” said Bautista.

After High School, Bautista is planning to join the air force to earn his fight hours, which means how long a pilot can fly under its own power. Later, he plans on earning his commercial pilot license(CPL), which is a qualification that permits the holder to act as a pilot for their own aircraft and pay for it. He will then be able to start flying commercially which means to transport passengers or multiple loads of cargo.

” It’s gonna be a tough thing to do but with determination I believe I could,” Bautista responded.

Bautista’s hobbies when he’s not studying is playing baseball, football, boxing, fishing, scuba diving and hiking. Bautista as you can see does a lot of extracurricular activities he enjoys on his own.

Bautista also thinks about the education he receives at school differently in MLA. Bautista thinks every child is treated the same and all study the same in school.

“…Everyone is different and everyone learns differently, but schools don’t think if the student could learn better another way. They focus on the concept that everyone’s the same,” said Bautista.

Bautista makes a statement on our education at school and question if we really are learning anything with one method of learning.

Bautista describes himself as a very caring person, but still is very protective with the people he loves and would do anything to protect. He continues with all his studies by motivating himself of knowing he worked hard to make a life for himself, his future wife, future kids and his future family.

Everything he does is to help him become a pilot and sustain a better lifestyle for his future family.

With his goal of being a pilot, he hopes when he has retired he’ll know that he was made a difference in the world and will later on plan helping companies design efficient planes or space shuttles for future generations to come.

Bautista has a bright future ahead of himself.



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