From an immigrant to a successful land scraping company owner

By: Adrian Hernandez


An immigrant from Ecuador named Fabrizio Bergher came to America and now successfully owns a Lawn Land Scraping Company. Now has 20 employees and three trucks in the company. How did he do this? Well, he was born in Ecuador on 1973 and ever since he was little he had an imagination for gardens and land.

 “As I grew up, I will spend more time drawing improvements to our backyard and being outside then in school” Bergher said with a proud laughter.

He came to America when he was 16-years old. He then completed Highschool in New York . After graduation, at the age of 28 he became a loan officer and invested on an apartment. Then, three years later amazingly sold the apartment and made 60,000 dollars. With this money he invested on a truck, lawn mowing equipment or also known as lawn ‘n care and also moved to Miami,Florida. This was the spark that lit up the fireworks of his life. As Berghers company received more employees, he started to grow roots throughout the cities around Miami. Now, at the age of 44, Mr.Bherger has an out standings net worth of 85,000 dollars. He is also married to Fabiola Bergher for 11-years and has a 10-years old daughter named Mia Bergher and a younger 2-years old son named Matthew Bergher. Mr.Bergher now only supervises and does the accounting.

He’s proud to say “I now can spend time with my family and live my life happily”.

 With his spare time he now picks up his children from school, exercises, eats healthy and plays with his children such as swimming with them or taking trips to the magical lands of Disney parks. Even with his success and annual pay, he is looking forward to buying another house and selling it in a few years and help his company grow. From struggling in academics in Ecuador to becoming a owner of a successful company he is proud to say “hard work pays off”.









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