Hardworking Woman Immigrates To US And Gets Job At ESPN

By Matthew Cruanes

Laura Antunez was born in Havana Cuba in 1966. She was a hardworking student, maintaining As and Bs throughout her school career. After school she went to college in Argentina to study in marine biology. Antunez later switched careers to become an engineer. During her time in Argentina she married longtime friend Manuel Romero senior. After she graduated she moved to America. Her first job in America was at Goal TV with her husband. While she was working there she had her first child, Nicole Romero. 14 months later, Manuel Romero Jr. was born. 12 years later, she lost her job at Goal TV. Luckily, in only one week she got the job at ESPN. Laura is a very family oriented person. She thinks family comes over everything else. To relieve stress, Laura likes to listen to music. The Romero family has one pet dog named Luna. Laura’s oldest friend is Ingrid Arenas. Ingrid and Laura have been friends since they were very young and met back in Cuba. Laura Antunez is a staple in her family and an inspiring, hard working woman.


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