Alfredo Rodriguez: Long Lasting Affordable Homes for everyone

By: Nicholas Sousa

Alfredo Rodriguez, founder of Steel Homes, loves helping the community. He may own his own company, but makes a big impact.

Rodriguez was born January  31st, 1964 in Caracas, Venezuela. He had a great childhood. Venezuela was a safe place for him at the time. Rodriguez roamed the streets playing with friends and going to his beach house  on the weekends and soaking in the sun. He never did drugs or alcohol making him a great role model. He misses his hometown a lot and is now a citizen of the U.S. He has thought about returning to Venezuela, but he does not want to now because he thinks the United States is such a great country. Rodriguez now has a degree in Law, is a certified General Contractor, and has his Real Estate license.

He later met Yuri Ynigo in this country and is now married and has two kids, one girl and one boy.

I like to scuba dive, ride motorcycle, watch movies, and travel. This helps me to relax and unwind with his family.

his job is managing his own company Steel Homes which builds modular houses out of steel . Most houses are built from word but not his. He uses hard work and craftsmanship to build a home individualized  towards each and every one of his clients. Lots of good things can come from his company.

“We are certified by the state of Florida to build houses from steel along the highways and these houses are Eco-Green, saving energy for future generations”

There is a lot of competition for him and there is going to be even more in the future, but his company has the ace in the hole, building them by steel. He offers employment to the local people, he gives second chances for prisoners and builds the strongest houses for the rich and poor. He had many difficulties trying to get his company to work, but finally made it.

Rodriguez continues his life doing what he loves for the people. He is proud of his work and houses. 2 years ago, in Nicaragua, Rodriguez built 70 modular houses for the less fortunate. This was a big accomplishment for him and his company. His selfless caused lots of Nicaraguan people to have a home.

To this day he keeps making houses, for poor, rich, all people. People may look at him at just building houses but in the end, he is building homes, where families can come together, have somewhere to stay with friends and live.

for more info about his houses and pictures you can click here



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