Villa Trespatines: Fixing Miami-Dade phones systems for 40 years

by: Andrew Gomez

Villa Trespatines, a life-long AT&T technician, has worked for AT&T for 40 years! Villa was born April 12th, 1952 in Havana, Cuba. During his childhood, you could usually find him playing baseball with his friends in the neighborhood. He wanted to be a major league baseball player when he was a child. when he was 16 years old when he moved to Miami, Florida from Havana.

“It wasn’t easy growing up, living in a country with an overruling dictator was ¬†difficult. That’s is why I moved to the United States of America,” he explained.

When he got there with his mother, father, and two sisters, they had a hard time settling in. When he was in Miami and Havana he played baseball for a total of six years. Luckily, Miami was a latino-packed city.

“The first couple years were bumpy but then it started smoothing out,” he exclaimed.

He went to the University of Miami when he was 20 years old for four years. he got a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering. He has many experiences with the company. As an AT&T technician he gets to fix phone systems, servers, and various other things relating to those topics. He has not only worked in Miami, but in many other Florida cities and different states. Trespatines has worked in Georgia, Texas, and Tennessee. It can take hours, maybe even a whole day to fix or setup a phone system. He has fixed phone systems in the biggest of places, like hospitals!

“I was told by my parents to become a lawyer because I used to argue with them all the time, but I decided to become a technician.”

“I’m always up to the challenge, and when I saw the job opening I went straight for it. It also helped that I had a bachelors in mechanical engineering” Villa loved to help out his community so this really helped. Villa does not regret working at AT&T.



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