A man makes a change in his community

By: Renata Baladron

Mr. Richard Castillo, also known as “The Cat Guy” by most of the people who know him, Today we want more about this particular person that goes around Hialeah feeding homeless cats. He was born in Valparaiso Chile. His childhood  passion was to play soccer he was good what took him at young years to the amateur league team. unfortunately and due to political reasons, Chile didn’t go to the Olympic on 1972 when had been called had been called to the team. He quit playing and started working in a ship company that took him all around the world, He had lived in Greece, Italy, US, etc. finally he moved in Miami in the year 2000 where  he decided to stay and live his last years. He got in married in Miami and now he works as an independent contractor and owns a Tow truck.

When he first moved to Miami and started on his Tow truck,he always saw homeless cats. Near his truck cats always hid. He felt sorry for them, and that’s when he decided to do something for those homeless animals. he first the animal shelter and became an active member of the group, there he learned what he could do and he shouldn’t do with wild homeless cats, he learned to use a trap and that the first thing he needs to do is neutered the cats to to stop having more kittens been born in the parking lot. Today he considers’s himself a a very fortunate person because not only does he have the love of his family, He that receives love from all the cats. Many people know him as “the cat guy”, he bears that name with pride. He is always willing to help you and can tell if a person is person is good or bad just by looking at how their cats look at a person.

Castillo has a very strict routine to feed all the cats he takes care of. He feeds the cats in all three parking lot, Seven days a week and when he cannot do it his wife helps him.he parks his tow truck after a day of work. He goes home in Hialeah takes a shower , eats something and starts his work of feeding the cats. He has plates for the food and plates for water that he changes and cleans every day. He waits 30 minutes at each plate for the cats to eat the food and drink the water, after that he spends  other 15 minutes talking to the cats at the lot, he has names for all of them and says that all of them know him already and feels that he can communicate with the cats.


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