Real Estate investigator, Percylla Kennedy achieves her dreams

Percylla Kennedy is a hardworking woman willing to take on any obstacle that’s in her way.

By:Carla Rubio

“Becoming the person you imagined yourself to be is not an easy task”. “Achieving dreams takes time but it’s not impossible”. Percylla Kennedy is an example that these two quotes if you try hard enough .Born, January 5th 1977 in Daytona Beach, Florida , 40-year-old Percylla Janel Kennedy lives with her wonderful husband and three beautiful daughters. She grew interested to politics in her high school and college years. By working hard every day she fulfilled her dream of helping the community by earning a degree in Real Estate in Florida State University (FSU).For the past five years, Kennedy has been part of the Division of Real Estate in the Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR).

What is Real Estate really?Well, it is property consisting of a combination of land and buildings.Real Estate has two different parts.The actual selling,buying or renting of the property and the law information of the property.Kennedy was attracted to the law part of Real Estate,yet as a young child she strived to be a fashion designer.

On a typical day, this hardworking woman has a handful of work on her shoulders!She receives new cases and reviews all the details received by the department,determines if any violation has been committed by the subject and interviews the subject.

“Patience,attention to detail,communicating skills and the ability to be a team player are some of the key attributes for someone in this position”.Kennedy explains,”Also a big challenge for someone in my position would probably be coming into contact with liars and people who commit fraud”

Kennedy loves meeting different people from different places and enjoys having different cases rather than routine work.She describes this as her favorite thing about her job. At the office she likes to listen to music while writing reports,In her free time,the Kennedy’s love spending their time outdoors and going to water related places such as the beach or a water park.


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