Detective Priede ready to see what comes his way.

By: Alejandra Dominguez

Detective Priede has been in the police department for 13 years now and a detective for 12 years for Miami-Dade. He is a Miami Dade Detective and has been a detective for 12 years. He didn’t want to be a police officer at first. He first went to radio business, got a degree in communications and started working at 102.7 and 101.5 as a producer and director. Unfortunately “there was no money in it” states Priede. He applied in the police department and “it just happened”.

Priede states, wakes up at five in morning, meets up with his squad at six in the morning from there they talk about what they’re going to do and usually have a set of warrants, A warrant is a judge’s order that you never went to court or you missed court so you’re classified as a fugitive so he looks for fugitives. What they do is set up 10 or 12 houses a day and they hit those houses and sometimes those guys run sometimes they hide and when they see them in the house they have to go in and break the door down and get them and sometimes they’re hiding inside of an attic and they have to go in the attic sometimes they’re under a kitchen sink or under a bed and they would have to drag them out. This week Priede will be in Orlando looking for fugitives.” We take care of all the fugitives in Dade County. ” it’s the only reason I do it”, Priede speaking with passion talking about his kids motivating him. Priede has seen 90 percent of the United States. The only states that he hasn’t seen is North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Utah and Montana. He loves “looking for the bad guy” and wants to actually make a difference. Not only does it involve giving out tickets and stopping people but also using the

computer being his favorite gadget. One of his professional goal is to become a supervisor. “There is so much more you can do” in the police department.


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