Be happy, live life with no regrets

by David Lopez

Nixza Abrante is a well-behaved woman who lives life with no regrets.  She was born Sep. 15, 1963 in Havana, Cuba.  She is the middle child of a family of three with a big brother and little sister and got to play with them.

“Growing up was a lot of fun. . . I don’t regret anything in my childhood because I had all I needed and wanted,” Abrante said.

“I wanted to be a figure skater when I was growing up but that was not easily available to me therefore I quickly turned to business classes. . .”

Abrante is interested in business administration, she had wanted to work for any company that needs her.  During college, she studied business administration including accounting and business law, she also had taken banking relations.

“I am the accounting coordinator and I manage the accounting needs for the department which includes bills, sorting incoming and outgoing correspondence, ordering office supplies, handle all vendor communications and much more duties,” Abrante said.  She works at Jewish Community Services of South Florida.

“My job is fast-paced and I often multi-task, it is very exciting, never a boring moment,”

She lives happily with absolutely no regrets at all.



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