A woman achieves her important life goals

By: Manuel Romero

Tammy Ann Cruanes Breto is a hardworking person. She grew up in New Orleans and attended school there until high school. Cruanes says that her best period in her life was in high school because she liked hanging out with her friends and messing around. After school, she ended up being a financial analyzer for a living. she had no regrets on being a financial analyzer, thats what she wanted to be.

She says,”I wanted to be a financial analyzer because I love math and I wanted to work in a hospital”

What she does as a financial analyzer is take track of the data in the hospital which is Jackson Memorial Hospital. though sometimes she says that being a financial analyzer can be stressful. Cruanes says that because the data is complex, it makes her do more work. The best thing about her job are her friends because she loves them and hangs out with them after work. The worst thing about her job is people not knowing what to do. This causes her to do more work.

She says,” It’s alright if people don’t know what to do because I would rather have to do more work and have it right than not do it and have it wrong”

After a stressful day at work or just a stressful day, she likes to read. She likes to do this because it takes her to a different place, or gets her mind off of stuff. Another thing she likes to do in her free time is biking! She likes biking because its good exersice and its fun. Yoga is the same thing, it is relaxing and good exersice for her. Alos her favorite thing to do is to organize the house so it always looks good. Finally in five years she sees herself preparing her kids for college and the real world.


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