Woman impacts life of others

By: Kaylie Torres

You might see Luz Yara as an ordinary teacher, but there’s more to her hidden behind piles of
lesson plans and shiny red apples. Yara is forty years young and works as a teacher at Twin Lakes Elementary. Yara knew she wanted to go down the teacher path since she was little and her parents supported her every step of the way. After high
school, she applied at Florida International University for education. She was the first of her family to graduate from a university knowing where she wanted to go with her life. She didn’t always want to be a teacher though, she was inspired by two of her own teachers, one in her third-grade year and one in her sixth.

Although Yara was very content with her job, there are are still some downsides.

“My least favorite part of the job would have to be communicating with a parent that doesn’t see their own child’s faults, or where their difficulties lie.”

Yara enjoys her job very much but surprisingly when asked if she ever felt like quitting she replied with a yes.

“Yes because sometimes it feels like I can’t be a teacher, I have so much paperwork to do and I’m more like a secretary than i am a teacher,” Yara explained.


The love that Yara has for her job and the quality time she spends with her son and daughter gives her fulfillment.

“The only negative thing about it is I can’t take them on the first day of school because i have to be at work,” Yara said.

In the end, Yara loves what she does and has had a successful path to where she is at this moment. Now that she has gone done her teacher path, she inspires her daughter.

“As far as have I inspired anyone, I would say my daughter who went to ‘Take Your Child to Work Day’ with me and left me a wonderful note of how I’ve inspired her to be a teacher,” yara says with a smile.

“Make mistakes, because you’ll always learn something new from making mistakes and a good teacher knows and acknowledges that.”





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