This airplane mechanic is soaring through his community

By Sebastian Conyedo

This father of two loves planes. Ever since he was a young kid he liked watching planes. When he arrived in this new country and got the opportunity to do the job he dreamt of as a child.  Micheal Ruiz was born on July 17, 1977 in Santa Clara, Cuba. As a child he liked looking at planes and thinking about them. He went to study at Raul Suarez in Cuba and had his first daughter Elizabeth Ruiz. Then he had his second daughter Amanda Ruiz a couple years later. He then moved to the United States with his family.

While in the United States he saw the opportunity for a job at Aerotechnology as an aviation mechanic and took it. This airplane mechanic loves what he does and specializes in airplane hydraulics. The best part of the job according to him is when everything finally comes together. But there’s just one thing he doesn’t really like.

“I really like the job and the people there but I don’t like that I have to wake up really early, but do any of us like it either,” said Ruiz.

Ruiz would never hesitate to work with a group. He likes it when everyone comes together and shares his or her opinion to make sure everything is correct and to code.This is why he will never hesitate when it comes to asking his supervisor or anyone around him for help when he doesn’t understand something.

” The people at Aerotechnology are very friendly and I would never hesitate working with them,” said Ruiz.

On his free time he likes to hang out with his family and friends. He likes watching soccer with his favorite team being Barcelona. He also likes going out on boats and fishing.

Safety is the number one priority to him.

“Safety is very important to me and my coworkers because just one little mistake can mean a disaster especially since thousands of people fly in airplanes every day,” said Ruiz

At the end of the day whether he did everything or he had help as long as everything comes out good and ready for use, everyone is happy. Any little mistake can mean a disaster, but apart from the good and bad things, Micheal has never thought about leaving since he loves what he does. Because who doesn’t love looking up at the sky, seeing an airplane, and knowing that you helped make that wonderful peace of transportation.



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