Special Agent Living The Life of An Everyday Adventure

By: Jasmine Vazquez

Do you ever wonder what a Special Agent does on a daily basis? Jason Ruiz is a 34-year-old Special Agent for the FBI who as born on December 11, 1982. He decided to work for the FBI when he was working for the ATF, also known as the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Fire Arms and Explosives.

“Well, it started when I was working for ICE, Immigration Customs Enforcement, that I started to know the different federal agencies and ATF appealed to me because they were known to go after the most violent people,” he stated.

He has been working in Law Enforcement for 10 years but he has been working for ATF for almost 4 years and for ICE for 6 years. He decided to work for ATF while he was working in ICE five years ago.

His day varies from doing paper work or doing warrants. Ruiz also does surveillance, court cases, and interviews with victims, and range shooting practices. His occupation doesn’t really affect his personal life.

“… It doesn’t really. The only thing I would say is that if there’s a case that I’m working on, that’s really large sometimes, at night I would think about it a bit, what to do for the next day or something that I didn’t think of but it doesn’t really affect my personal life,” Ruiz said.

Ruiz would need to hide his identity to be able to do undercover work and surveillance in a neighborhood that no one knows him. He thinks that it is unnecessary to wear police items while you are not in uniform because it makes you a target. If being an FBI agent wasn’t an option, Ruiz would be something else.

“I have no idea. Probably information technology,IT,” Ruiz claimed.

According to Ruiz, working for the ATF is fun, the best job he had, everything changes and he will stick to it until he retires. He does not plan on retiring anytime soon. Ruiz wasn’t inspired by anyone in particular. To be able to investigate, interview or testify in court, he would need to travel to other states.

“It’s fun, it’s the best job I’ve had, and everything changes by day. It’s great; I wouldn’t go anywhere else and I’ll probably stick around until I retire.”


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