Ismary Gonzalez the chemical engineer who’s helping us fight disease

By Thomas Cruanes

Born January, 14 1973, Ismary Gonzalez always knew she wanted to work in the field of chemical engineering. As a chemical engineer, she applies many different forms of science to produce and use chemicals. It involves a lot of mathematics and lab work to form the proper chemicals. However, chemical engineering has many applications. Chemical engineers help make food and drinks last longer, use chemicals to purify water, help find new ways to generate energy, and many more things. All those appliances can lead to solutions to very major problems such as the spread of disease, environmental issues, and other things as well. Her work as a chemical engineer may one day change the world, however, it takes lots of dedication. A job like this may seem very strenuous and difficult to any ordinary person but not to Gonzalez. Chemistry is her passion, and applying it to medicine is like second nature to her. She loves seeing her work fall into place, the different reactions between chemicals is easily her favorite part of the job. How did Ismary become a chemical engineer? Through lots of hard work and many hours of studying. Chemical engineering has an intensive work load to weed out weaker students, only the best can make it into the field. Ismary clearly is one of the best, despite all the work and difficulty, her job is still her passion.

“Ever since I was a small child, I wanted to work in the chemistry industry and when I got to the U.S and saw the job opportunity at Merck I couldn’t resist taking it,” said Gonzalez.

She’s accomplished quite a lot and is now where she wants to be. It doesn’t stop there though, she balances her difficult profession with her family, and she does so brilliantly. In all aspects of life she puts in hard work. She worked against all the challenges of coming to the U.S, she went and made it into the field of chemical engineering, and now she raises her kids (one of which is the president of the NJHS). Nothing can keep Gonzalez down.




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