Hardworking mother and wife achieves her lifelong dream

By: Kineyshi F.

Wife of Carlos Rubio and mother of Carla and Hailly Rubio, Lerycka Fonte, is a diligent pharmacist who owns a business in Hialeah, Florida called Rubio Pharmacy and Discount. Born on November 15, 1974 in Havana, Cuba, Fonte spent most of her childhood playing with her friends and watching her parents attend to patients, The two dentists encouraged their daughter to be a professional in the medical field. With her urge to help people, she wanted to pursue her career as a doctor. However, she aspired to become a pharmacist later in her life.

In 1988, at only 13 years old, Fonte came to the United States. She immediately recognized the difference between her native county and the U.S.

“In Cuba, there was no freedom, no information, no opportunities, no future,” Fonte said.

It took her a couple of years to accustom to the language and her surroundings. As a teen, she worked in a pharmacy at Palmetto Hospital which led her to become a pharmacist. She went to Miami Dade North and almost instantly after she graduated high school. She took classes like Geometry, Calculus, and higher level Chemistry and Biology. Of course, this wasn’t a piece of cake, she had a few bumps in her road to success. However, this didn’t stop her–she only pushed harder. Her husband of 22 years motivated Fonte. After earning her Associates in Science and Bachelors in Chemistry, she became a pharmacist.

Becoming a pharmacist gave her a higher sense of responsibility. She couldn’t make any errors in her work field because if someone receives the the wrong medicine, it can cause them serious harm or even mortality. The pressure on this job, however, does not overrule her pleasure from helping people get better. She has been a pharmacist for 16 years and counting. Approximately, six years ago, Fonte and Rubio founded their own business. Working nearly 60 hours a week, from Monday to Saturday, Fonte lives with no regrets (career wise). Fonte wants her oldest daughter, Hailly Rubio, to also engage in the Pharmaceutical field. Not only is she smart, but she’s just like her mother. Achieving success may not have been a walk in the park, but in the end, Fonte’s perseverance paid off.

“Love your jobs so you can wake up happy with what you do.”



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