Fire Fighter during the day typical dad at night.

By: Amanda Acuña

Kristian Jose Garcia is 41 years old, married to Elizabeth Lopez Garcia, and has a child name Kristian Alexander Garcia Jr. He has been a fire fighter for 20 years performing in different ranks and positions with the current being a lieutenant. During these 20 years he got certified as a paramedic, works on a fire boat, and can handle hazardous material. The ability to help people and have an honorable career  is what led him to choose his profession. Kris has no regrets for his career. He enjoys and finds it exciting to help a person falling, going through a cardiac arrest, assisting people with gun wounds, saving large animals, and as simple as taking ducks out of a drain. Garcia says the essentials to be a fire fighter is

“The ability to help others before themselves.”

“His coworkers aren’t his coworkers they are his brothers.”

Since they work 48 hours every week together, but they are off 24 hours and after three weeks they get one week off.

While Kris has his time off of work he likes to get coffee with his friends and go fishing and relax. He also likes to spend time with his son who is currently four years old. Kris does not only work at station but he likes to host an annual fishing tournament for a close friend Alexander who passed away. He hosts the tournament around October. During that event everyone gets a prize even if you caught the smallest fish you still get a prize.

He describes the nights at the fire house to kind of active since they need to get up several times in the night and answer the calls but he is comfortable at the same time since it feels like home. He fears anything can happen to him while at work but nevertheless it is a wonderful job when you enjoy to help others. He plans on retiring the year 2022 when he turns 45 years old. Kris has worked at several stations such as boats, helicopters and of course the fire house. Garcia is now currently located at 67th Avenue 168th at Miami Lakes, Fl.


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