Felix Abreu Living The Dream Every Kid Dreads

By: Aylen Gomez

Giving back to his community is the number one task, firefighter Felix Abreu, works towards. Filling in the role of a firefighter comes naturally to him because he loves being around people. Abreu says his team members are like a second family in his eyes. He is a hero and everyday is a different mission and goal to reach.

 When working, he gets to act like a kid while doing his best and trying to help as many people as possible. He has gone through the mourning of his members three times. His members are very accepting and caring people and is the main reason he is working at the station he is at now. His two favorite things that he loves about working at the station are his members that he calls, “friends” and he’s living almost every kids dream. He has been working at the station with his buddies for a year and a half now.

 “It offers a different view in the area and shows how caring the people are around me,” said Abreu. Speaking highly of his workplace he seemed to say it in good spirits.  

The difference about working in his station than any other one is that the members think smarter and harder than any of the others he has worked with. Abreu’s work family has many traditions that take place in the station.

“Mess with the rookie so that they know that he/she isn’t going to get in easy around the station, the rookie has to earn his way of fitting in with the others and also earn respect from the others,” said Abreu.

A typical day is a mix of hard work and having fun at the same time. Abreu exercises and works around the house on his free time and also likes to relax with his family. He is a hero in everyone’s eyes including little boys and girls.




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