Closer by day, great DJ by night

By: Hailey Seda

As of September 28th, 1983, Anthony Christopher Patterson has been able to manage his “double life”; closer by day, DJ by night. From his early years of adulthood until now, he has had 2 jobs and pursues them both at once.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Mr. Patterson grew into the idea of DJing. From his Caribbean history, the sound of music has always been in his blood and heart. He was actually introduced and motivated to become a DJ by his grandfather. Patterson tells the story of how he was a DJ at a wedding. As he saw him play with the music, Patterson was moved by him and wanted to show everyone his passion for it.         

“With my daily job as a loan manager at Bankers Healthcare Group (BHG), I’m not so much of a leader or boss. Truth is working for someone is a good experience therefore I have it in my heart to work for myself.” Patterson quotes, speaking about the difference between his two different jobs. Monday through Friday, he is known at work as a closer at BHG, where employees work to provide financial solutions for healthcare professions.

Compared to his everyday life, Patterson’s DJ gigs have been a blast.” If he had to choose, DJing would be his full-time job. In his past, Patterson has been told to keep pursuing his love of music and DJing since he was great at doing what he loved! To balance two jobs at once every week may be very difficult for some people. Not for Mr. Patterson! He loves to go to work during the day and turn into an amazing DJ working the turn tables at night.

Patterson has lived a difficult life as a child, living on the streets of Brooklyn for a while. But working hard for his dreams has given as much motivation as he needs. Also with the help of his peers at work and an amazing wife, he strives to become the best he can be for everyone around him and himself.



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