A wonderful woman’s satisfying 56 years of living

By: Brandon Garcia

The young and beautiful Claudia Picado has lived a satisfying 56 years by working hard and always having a smile on her face. Picado takes pride in providing warmth and kindness to her clients and employees at the salon she owns, Paradise Beauty Salon.  She is married to Ivan Picado, who is currently a general manager at the restaurant Fritanga. God and family is her top priority now. She has reflected on the obstacles she has had to overcome to get to where she is today.

Born in April of 1960 in Nicaragua, Picado is one of nine siblings in her family and has fought through many tough times early in her years. She’s witnessed her family fight and even her own country fight while she was there.

“It was tough living through wars. I remember when we had to evacuate to a farm because we were under attack,” stated Picado. “My cousin decided to stay behind with my aunt and she ended up being severely injured because the city she stayed at was bombed, and a whole bunch of pieces of metal went into her body. It was devastating, but we stuck through it.”

Claudia migrated to the United States at the young age of 22. Already married and in search of being successful not only for herself, but for her upcoming children and grandchildren. Picado started off in a small apartment with her husband.

“It was very challenging because I needed a job and I didn’t even know the language,” said Picado.

But instead of giving up, she was dedicated to learning English. Because of her dedication and commitment she became an employee at Burger King. She ended up working her way up through the years and became a manager. The build up was strong now and people finally knew about her. Because of this, she received an offer from Victoria’s Secret to be a general manager. There she had been making good money and she finally began to see how God had blessed her.

“God has been great to me and my family which is why I try to devote as much time as I can to him,” says Picado.

Throughout all of this she became a mother of two daughters, driving her even more to treat people with kindness for she now knew the true meaning of life. As she collected more and more money, she ended up purchasing the salon that she still owns now.

“I try to keep my salon up to date with the latest technology and products so we can continue to be successful,” said Claudia.

Picado is proud of her and her family’s position in life today. She is solely proud of her daughters and grandchildren because they are believers in God and are very successful. Claudia Picado is the perfect example of the phrase “hard work pays off”.


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