A very humble old man with a lot of wisdom

By: Isaiah Mendez

An old man that is very educated and smart has been living a very humble 41 years and working for hard for that money but also doing what he loves to do since he was little.  He’s been watching NASCAR when he was little and even now and is so fascinated with the shape of cars and all their parts and how fast they can go.  He’s also been studying cars since he was little and the accessories it needs and parts.  That’s what basically inspired him with a big smile on his face, proud and confident to say it out loud.  He said he was also interested in football back then in his high school years, he was popular, he was the lady’s guy.

He would get good grades back then but sometimes he was slacking cause of the girls and he laughed at that.  This job pays me well enough, good enough amount to feed my family.  I have one son and his wife and he loves them very much and cares for them.  He’s a very nice and caring guy and is focused on the right stuff he needs to focus on.  His mom told him when he was little to follow the right path and to not focus on all that bad stuff and to worry about yourself and you only and if you do, you will become a successful person in life and have anything you want and that’s exactly what Andre did and now is living his life peacefully knowing he listened to his mother.

He said he had no regrets on taking this job and that he loved what he does and that he will never change because he’s too good at it.  Andre has been in this job for 20 years, age 21 is when he first started.  Andre is a pretty chubby guy with some weight on him but he’s not ashamed of it he said he loves food and that’s him.  He lost his dad when he was six years he died in a car accident sadly but he knew he would always be his hero in his heart.  He used to be the one always participating in class and he was nerd back then but he said it was worth it.

He literally knew all the parts and what he needed to do to fix and how long it would take and the perfect amount and exactly how to do it.  He said he’s a master at is work and I agree.  This is basically what sums up Andre Smith life.


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