What is the President-elect up to?

By: Isabella Lucas, 6th grader

Now that we know who the future president of the United States is … people are extremely tense about what is to come. Elected-president Donald J. Trump has something great up his sleeve, he plans to create 25 million jobs over the next 12 years. Trump also plans to establish the national goal of providing school choice to every one of the 11 million school children living in poverty. He also wants to ensure  the opportunity to attend a two or four-year college or to do a trade and skill set through technical education, that will be easier to access, pay for, and finish. Another plan is to have peace through strength at the center of our foreign policy. He plans to achieve a secure, peaceful world with less conflict and more common grounds. These are a few of the things he wants to achieve over the next four years as president, but this won’t happen by himself thanks to his vice president Mike Pence, his team, and us the people who dedicate their time to our country. So like Trump always says, “Make America Great Again”.

According to fox news top aide Kellyanne Conwayct, Donald Trump will meet Saturday with Mitt Romney to purportedly discuss the possibility of Romney becoming secretary of state.



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