Top six Google tricks you didn’t know existed

By Devin Catoni, 6th grade

Did you know that Google has fun games on there search screen? Many people, especially adults are not even aware because they haven’t been told. However, kids are always on top of it all and below are a few keys you can use to get your game on!

  • #1 – This one is the top activity I enjoy. Google anti-gravity on the search engine and it will make the ordinary google screen will suddendly make your words float as if there is no gravity.


  • 2- Number two is a pretty cool, this one is called Barrel roll.When you type this in you will get a google screen that will do a barrel roll, which means that the screen will spin clockwise.


  • 3- The third activity you can do is Pacman. This is where you search up google Pacman and the arcade game will pop up. You will be able to play with the arrow keys to run away and towards the ghost.


  • 4-  Google Atari breakout, the very fun game will pop up when you search in that title and click on it and your game will get started. You have to make sure that you hit the ball to destroy the blocks.


  • 5- Google Zerg rush, which is a old game where you have to destroy flying objects. In this case your have to click on the flying circles before they eat the internet away.


  • -6-  Google sphere where google turns into a sphere. All of the adds will go away and you will move the sphere like a planet. Guess what? You can still type in the search engine.

There will be a second part to this story, so stay tuned!!


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