Movie Review: Trolls movie tugs at your heart

By Marianna La Salle

       Trolls is a splendid movie, I believe everyone should watch it. This movie has extremely funny moments and some sad ones that will possibly make you cry. There are so many characters such as Branch, Poppy, and much more. As you might know, no one would want to spoil the movie because I want you to see it for yourself.  The movie will definitely leave at the edge of the seat.

Trolls is now the movie of the century and it will amuse you in so many ways, as well as entertain you. In my opinion, the bargains are not really the bad guys, if anything the king’s chef is the one who makes them bad! The king at the end of the movie is really the prince at the beginning, this happens when his father becomes too old to rule. I won’t tell you the rest, but I do hope you can make it and enjoy!


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