Movie Review: “Middle School the Worst Years of My Life”

By: Yeneily Lopez

Last week I watched the movie “Middle School the Worst Years of My Life”and it was a great movie. This fun-filled movie could relate to kids all ages, even adults. As you went through the main characters exciting life,you realize how hard it is to be a middle schooler. Through thick and thin, he always has a smile on his face. Rafe has been going through adventures beyond your understanding. With his best friends by his side, there’s never a dull moment. This movie will truly touch your heart. As I watched this movie I found myself in the same place as the kid. Even though I haven’t been though the tough times the character went though, I felt the emotions. This movie does not have one moment where their acting is bad. As Rafe struggling with personal issues he tries to break every rule the school has. He also tries to win the girl of his dream heart, and not to spoil it but he ends up winning. So, I strongly  recommend this movie if you haven’t seen it.


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