Lost your USB? Go find it in the lab!

By Natalia Herrera, 6th grade

There have been too many issues with USBs being lost in the lab for the past few years. When you go to the lab after school to complete a group project, you don’t have a thought in your mind of your USB being lost, right? You probably forgot at this point that you ever lost it. Don’t worry, I am the same way, but now there is a solution!

Mrs.Flores is our hero, she has found a way to keep your worries away!!! She has created a lost and found section using a small little jar. It’s titled, “Lost Your USB?”.  So automatically now you know where to find your USB when you had a project in the lab to complete. Just head over to the lab and her desk is the one closest to the back entrance where the stairs are!!! Hope you find your long lost USB friend.




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