Legoland Resort Florida, the magical land of legos!


By: Miguel Escoto

This theme park is one of the many Legolands around the world. Here is my review on this resort in Winter Haven, Florida. Legoland Florida is one of the many theme parks in the state of Florida. It has a total of 18 rides, four roller coasters and six water rides. The park opened on October 15, 2011, it currently has a rating of 4.2 stars, it is also pricey. Legoland Florida is recommended for kids ages 2-12 years old.

Facts about LEGO:

  1. It is a Danish company originating in Billund, Denmark, it was founded August 10, 1932
  2. LEGO comes from the Danish word leg godt. Leg godt means “play well” in Danish and LEGO is made from the first two letters of each word.
  3. The largest commercial LEGO set is the Taj Mahal set. It has 5,922 individual pieces.
  4. Each Lego character is four bricks high without a hat.

See you there! Have fun at the intense rides.



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