Goofball Stories III : Feel the thanks for giving

By Jason Kumprey, 6th grade

Goofball Top Stories:

  1. Twelve- year-old -helping the sick Children
  2. Santa’s Elf ears
  3. Husky Left in a Zoo with wolves

(Twelve year old  Helping the Sick Children)

I think this story is heart warming and gave this the number one spotlight. This story happened when a kid learned how to sew. Don’t be tricked because he learned how to sew by himself and this kid is the one and only Campbell Remess. He told his parents three years ago to buy presents to the kids in the hospital. His parents were touched with kindness and but sadly they couldn’t assist him due to financial reasons. They said this because he is one of nine siblings and buying presents for them was already too much money. Campbell thought if he made the toys instead, it would somehow bring a little bit of joy to those deserving children. His mom thought it would be a good idea and she gave Campbell a sewing machine.campbell-remess-toys-600x450


(Santa’s Elf ears)

Ever seen shows that include elf ears? Now you can wear these elf ears that look real and are used as headphones that hide on your ears. If you really want these elf ears they are called the Spirit E666 earbuds cost around fourteen dollars. These ear buds would only match super light skin tone so it not a really good idea. My opinion is that it isn’t a really good purchase because if you are to tan why buy it right? It doesn’t vary in skin tone colors.

(Husky Left in a Zoo with wolves)

China is one of those countries that you just never know what to expect. Take this for instance, at a zoo in China, a Husky was put into a zoo due to the fact that it looked like a wolf. If you really want to know the name of the zoo here it is, it’s called”Dezhou City Zoo”. This zoo wanted to put a poor dog to get injured with wolves to get more publicity but they got more criticism at the zoo causing many to go spread the hate. Youtubers have been to the zoo and recorded the poor little husky limping because of the mistreating of the dog. I believe this abuse is terrible and it is a law in America that tells you not to abuses animals or kill animal and I am talking about pets and wild or stray pets.

Where to find this weirdness press the link below


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