Easy school studying tips for kids 101

By Amy Perez, 6th grade

Studying isn’t always the easiest thing to do, sometimes you need others that have a few tricks up their sleeves and could teach you something new and useful. Lucky  for you  I know a couple of tricks that could definitely help you improve your grades.


Everyone is different. Different methods work for different people; the following are only suggestions on improving upon your current studying techniques.


STUDY TIP #1 : Study at home with a specific gum that you enjoy chewing. You can also put a certain perfume on that will help you relax. Wear the same perfume or chew the same flavor of gum during the test and it is scientifically proven to help you remember what you studied the night before.

STUDY TIP #2 : Review the materials before class (summarize information ).

STUDY TIP#3:Don’t try to do all your studying the night before the test. Give yourself some time.

STUDY TIP#4: Organize all the materials you  need to study with in order to pass (notes, pens, pencil, eraser, paper, flash cards, and more). Make sure to put everything towards one side to give you enough room. A clear space allows you to keep your things organized and study your materials while being focused.

STUDY TIP #5: Take away anything that could distract you. In other words, “out of sight, out of mind”. Turn off your phone and put it anywhere you can’t see it .
                 Image result for no electronics allowed signs


STUDY TIP #6  BE POSITIVE AND DON’T GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


With these six simple tricks you will definitely pass your test with out going through any trouble.



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