The newest Pokemon game on the block!

By: Ian Rodriguez

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are the newest games in the Pokemon franchise. It takes place in the new region, Alola.  Your character travels around the region catching Pokemon and defeating the “Trial Captains”. Trial Captains are the equivalent to Gym Leaders in the other Pokemon games. The only reason that Trial Captains exist is because the Alola region hasn’t established Pokemon gyms and the Pokemon League.

You can choose from the three starter Pokemon, Rowlet, the grass owl Pokemon, Litten, the fire cat pokemon, and Poplio, the sea lion pokemon. Besides them, you can catch many more in the Alola region, including new Alola forms. Only the original 151 Pokemon have Alola forms. A few Pokemon that have Alola forms are: Vulpix, Ninetails, Exeggutor, Sandlash, Raichu! Make sure you pick up this game before its sold out! Good luck and Go Catch ‘Em All!


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