The M.G.A. Cheerleaders go to their first showcase this season

By Nicole Cordovi, 6th grade

The Mater Gardens Academy Cheerleaders attended their first showcase this season. Although, it wasn’t as simple as you would think, this took almost three months of practice  and preparation for these hard-working cheerleaders to get their full routine down. The showcase was a great success, it happened on November 13th 2016. The team practiced the day before the showcase at MGA with the M.L.A. cheerleaders from 8:30 A.M.- 2:00 P.M. working hard to create a stupendous show on Sunday. They hit their routine that day over 15-20 times and made great bonding with the M.L.A. cheerleaders.

These marvelous cheerleaders were taught by their outstanding coaches, Coach Damarys and Coach Justin. The coaches were more than proud when they viewed their cheerleader’s performance come out astonishing and flawless. The parents congratulated their daughters and with cheer-leading bows and flowers. Their hard work paid off and their diligent practice gave fruit in the results. Now the cheerleaders are getting ready for their first competition in January with more advanced skills! We’ll keep you posted and stay tuned!


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