The Kaikoura earthquake devastates country of New Zealand

By Andrea Ortega

A huge 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck New Zealand, on November 13th, Sunday morning. New Zealand is prone to earthquakes, but this one just took them by storm. Hundreds of aftershocks continue to rock the area. Two people were killed in the magnitude-7.5 earthquake . The first earthquake hit shortly after midnight on Sunday, prompting thousands to flee their homes and head for higher ground as authorities issued a tsunami warning. Waves of around two meter waves hit the coast shortly afterwards and the tsunami alert was later lifted.

There were  an estimated 1,200 tourists at the popular whale-watching spot, along with a population of about 2,000. There were about 200 people airlifted out of there. Police have warned people about electricity and water running on low supply. While most people have survived there are still thousands of people that have been left homeless. One resident said that it would take several months to establish Kaikoura, a nearby town. Officials say, “the damage is worth billions of dollars with major roads damaged.”

“A nine-story building in the city’s center is in danger of collapsing,” the New Zealand Fire Service, “With streets nearby closed.”

New Zealand lies on the Ring of Fire, the fault line that circles virtually the entire Pacific Rim bringing frequent quakes and volcanic eruptions. They are  still recovering from a 2011 earthquake that killed 185 people and destroyed the city center. The capital Wellington, at the southern end of the North Island, was also affected. It was then hit by poor weather on Tuesday, with heavy rain and flooding.


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