Studying tips to pass your vocabulary test

By: Andres Plata, 6th grade

Thinking of a way to study vocabulary words? Well, try Quizlet! An awesome website for studying vocabulary words. Here are the details of what is inside this website:

In, if you make an account, you are released to unspeakable possibilities! The first thing you have to do before you get to the unspeakable things, you must make a list of vocabulary words. Make each term(the words)with their definitions, and make a title to your list. Now you get the good stuff! Once you make your list, Quizlet takes all of the information and creates many different things with it. First, it makes you some flashcards, if you want you can study them again and again. Then if you want, you can learn them in the learn icon.

Now, your ready for the quiz! If you get one wrong, it’s fine, you can make another quiz. After, you can play the match and gravity icons. Here your mind is challenged, you must remember the words and use them fast against time! In my opinion, I say this website is very useful and fun for studying vocabulary words. This website is a great resource for studying vocabulary and at no cost. Remember your account and start studying!



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