Students continue to lead new wave of Trump protests

By : Melanie Castellanos, 6th grade

It seems that the protests against president-elect Donald J. Trump continues.  Hundreds of teens are not even attending school to protest. The students are a part of a protest movement that has seen by hundreds and thousands of people taking the streets in large U.S cities after the election. Several protests happened in Los Angeles, Denver, Arizona, and Portland. Tons of kids are chanting the phrases, “Not My President” after walking out of classes all over the world.

Five thousand students walked out of 20 high schools and middle schools within the past week. Also, New York history teachers are recently allowing students to skip class and join in Trump protest. However, English teachers at the same school, firmly opposed the history teachers decisions. The students’ English teachers told them that they would be penalized if they skipped out on their class. Some were heard chanting ” No Trump, No KKK, no racist USA!,” as they protested Trump’s election . The streets are filling and some people are very angry.

Not everyone is against the president-elect, we must remain hopeful that the country will be united again. You never know, Donald Trump could be one of the best presidents our country has ever had.



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