Opinion: Protesting against Trump isn’t showing an example to kids

By Raul Companioni, 6th grade

Most Hilary supporters are becoming very upset after the election. Donald Trump won the election and now they are going crazy. There is no reason why people are protesting when nothing is going to change. Trump is not going to quit his job as president and then give it to Hilary! After all the things Trump did to become president he shouldn’t quit and give it to his competitor, he worked hard on his campaign.

If you have seen what Hilary supporters are doing, flipping cars, setting things on fire, protesting, and saying “f*** Trump”, in my opinion as a 12-year-old it doesn’t set a great example for me nor for future kids. The protestors who are behaving in such manner, are not truly representing the country in its proper light. I wouldn’t want them to run the country, if they had the chance. Also, they just can’t take the fact that Trump won fair and square, they don’t seem to understand that the electoral college is a way to control over populated voting. Hopefully this might change your mind about Trump being president, it’s time to become united as a country and be grateful for the freedom that we have to express ourselves without violence.


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