Is a very popular game, Pokemon GO dying?

By: Sebastian Ortiz, 6th grade

One of the best games in the world, Pokemon Go is losing players because of the horrible updates to the game and the difficulty to catch certain Pokemon.  Many are complaining, saying that it is too hard to catch all 151 Pokemon and that’s because it requires traveling! The regional Pokemon like Mr. Mime, Kangaskan, Tauros, and Farfetch’d are found in different parts of the world. To catch Mr. Mime you need to be in Europe, to catch Kangaskan you need to be in Australia, to catch Tauros you need to be in North America, and to catch Farfetch’d you need to be in Asia. Also, Niantic  Inc. the company that made Pokemon Go, has not released the “Legendary Birds” like Articuno, Zapdos,or Moltres. In addition they have not released the Pokemon Mewtwo, Mew, or Ditto. For this fact, people have erased the game from their device making the game loses players. If Niantic adds the legendary Pokemon and the regional Pokemon to any place in the world, the game will get more players and people will start playing again. Something else people have been wanting is the 2nd generation of Pokemon that will definitely make Pokemon GO the best game in the world.

While the game is unisex, it isn’t as popular among girls, however, it may have potential to become popular with girls if they add new features that attract them. Overall, Pokemon GO is a good game, but Niantic needs to get their game on if they want more people to play. Take for instance Clash Royale, it died momentarily and then Supercell, the company that made Clash Royale, made more updates and the game is now very fun and popular. Pokemon GO will always be remembered for the amount of people who played the game and how much fun the game is.Hope you can check it out yourself!


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