Christmas is coming up and many people are excited!

By Jiamely Segovia, 

Christmas is really close and that means presents, family time, and much more! Have you done your Christmas list, yet? If you haven’t then you better start right now! Here are some ideas of things you could ask for this season.


Image result for basketball

  • consoles
  • video games    Related image
  • phones



  • makeupImage result for phonesImage result for polaroid camera
  • clothes
  • Polaroid camera (keep in mind the ink you have to purchase)
  • phones






Either way remember that Christmas is not about presents, but about family and spending time with them. Many people take everything for granted, but remember that you should live your life to the fullest. Christmas is about having a good time with your family and friends.We should always remember everything good that has happened to us this year. If you don’t have any plans for Christmas you always have the option of giving your hand by helping the people in need! Always take in consideration everything that you do will have an amazing effect on those that you helped.


Image result for someone helping someone in christmas

Image result for christmas pictures


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