Opinion: Carolina Panthers off to a rough start this season

By Christian Ruche, 6th grader

The Carolina Panthers are not doing so well this year, starting with a 3-6 record. To be honest they have played against teams that are really good.  The teams play physical defense and have quarterbacks that can put points up in a hurry. The teams they have beaten are not good at all. I think they are not doing well this season because Josh Norman left and they think they are so good because last year they made it to the super bowl. The offensive line is not blocking to protect cam newton from  getting hurt and the referees are not calling any calls against the defensive players hitting cam newton to the head, which you can not do in the NFL.

The panthers next three games are against teams that are really good, those teams are the Saints, Raiders, Seahawks. If the panthers wanna have a shot at making the playoffs they have to start playing as a team. Cam Newton needs to be more of a leader and stop complaining about getting hit. The game of tackle football is about using your brain, skills, and being physical.This is what the Carolina panthers need to do to make it to the playoffs.



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