MGA collects dozens of boxes for Operation Christmas Child

By Andrea Reyes, 6th grade

Pack! Stack! Bring it in! Operation Christmas Child was a huge success! MGA collected about 160 boxes full of personal hygiene products, clothes and toys. For the personal hygiene products there was toothpaste, deodorant, hair brushes and much more. Even though the 2016 popular toys are drones, iPhone 7, MacBook Pro, the toys that these deserving children are receiving are simple toys like dolls, toy cars, and fun coloring books.

The entire school participated in this event, students from different grade levels provided a box to help children from around the world receive a gift for Christmas. Mrs. Flores, Mrs. Mayorga,  and Mr. Capo were a part of the staff who helped pack, along with the National Junior Honor Society. Sadly, this collection has ended but we made the best out of it. If you think on the bright side, at least we helped change a little kids life.

All of the boxes donated were sent to local churches where they collect the boxes and distribute them across the world. Thank you MGA for making this charity event possible!



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