76ers not doing well without Ben Simmons

By: Diego Pinto, 6th grader

The 76ers are on a bad start with a game record of 1-8! Even though they weren’t doing great in the preseason they were doing better than now with a record of 2-5. But that was when they had their best player Ben Simmons. Ben Simmons can’t play do to an ankle injury. The one and only team they won against was the Indiana Pacers. Joel Embiid is the best player on the team that is not injured right now with a 18 PPG (points per game).

Even though they aren’t doing too well they still have a chance to put their selves back up to the top with the remaining 73 games. Simmons will come back before the season ends and the 76ers will have a chance to at least win the playoffs. But to be honest the 76ers aren’t that good overall. Well, at least compared to the Cavs or Warriors the 76ers aren’t as good. Without Simmons the 76ers are even worse than they are right now. Hopefully the 76ers get back on track when Simmons returns.


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