Battlefield one ultimate gaming review and guide

By: Pablo Rodriguez

“Battlefield 1” is an exciting first person shooter taking place in the First World War. It has an amazing campaign and its multiplayer is loads of fun. The craziness and strategy of the game makes the game worthwhile.


The multiplayer of this game is astonishing; the clash of new and old in this game is special because it makes the game more historical! The maps are also historical and they provide a good image of what they looked like during that time. Some parts of the maps can be destroyed so the maps are rapidly changing. Weather can also affect game play randomly. If these two things aren’t enough the losing team gets a massive train or blimp or a battleship which can give the losing team a chance to win. To max it all out there is a game mode called “operations” which is an attack and defend type of game that imitates real battles over two or three maps and it has combination of these things. The weapons you can use in this game are unique and special and they are meant to be used for specific tasks so if everyone does their job and uses teamwork you can win. The weapons are fun to use and you’re able to customize it so that you can express yourself.


The campaign consists of a bunch of stories that take place in different places with different people. In the campaign there is a lot of destruction and the weather is also common in the campaign. There are even scenes where you get to see massive blimps, trains, and battleship adding excitement to the game. Most of the campaign you have to use stealth to move around without being seen. So it will be a nice break from all the craziness that goes on. In this game you can go around and look for things called “field manuals” adding a new objective to the campaign. If you collect all of them you get a codex entree which is a small objective you can complete. If you complete all of them you will get a new skin so you can customize yourself in the game. Overall it is an amazing game with an amazing multiplayer and campaign. You should try this game out!

Ask parents before playing if you’re interested.


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