Miami Dolphins performing better than average

By Diego Pinto, 6th grader

On Sunday the Miami Dolphins won the New York Jets with a score of 27-23. It should not have been a challenge, considering how bad the New York Jets are. But there are two teams in specific that were good wins by the Dolphins, those teams are the Buffalo Bill and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Buffalo Bills are 4-4 (wins to losses). The Pittsburgh Steelers are 4-4 too.

And if you were wondering about the other team, they went against the Cleveland Browns, right now they are 0-9 and the New York  Jets are 3-6.

But that is the good side, now let’s talk about the bad side. They loss to the Seattle Seahawks which are  4-2. They also lost to the New England Patriots which are 7-1. They lost to the Cincinnati Bengals which are 3-4. Last but not least they lost to the Tennessee Titans which are 4-5.


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