Goofball stories: The “Squeakquel”

By Jason Kumprey

Top Stories of today

  1. Husband Daycare
  2. School predicts presidents since 1968
  3. Human Dog                                   

Husband Daycare

Typically men and boys dislike going to the mall and for a good reason too, probably because  it is really boring. Some malls in China thought of this and made the first “Husband Nursery.” The “Husband Nursery” is basically a man cave with televisions, armchairs, magazines, and you’re able take naps. This place sounds like paradise right, because watching T.V and sleeping sounds perfect. I would love to stay there, it’s possibly like the IKEA Kid zone for children. This is a cool and awesome place to stay and better than going to stores that you dislike.

School predicts presidents since 1968

Is it me or is this a psychic ability? Can you believe that an entire school has predicted presidents for the past forty-eight years. They are able to predict this by letting the children vote in a mini election. Before Trump won, the school predicted that Donald Trump would win the election. Guess what? They were right and now congratulations Mr. president-elect. Let’s see if they can predict the next election in four years.

The Human Dog

Starting on November 11th a man is going to an animal shelter to help many pets get adopted. World Famous Comedian Remi Gaillard thought living in an animal shelter would help the many pets who are waiting for adoption. He says that he won’t get out until his fellow canine neighbors get adopted. He wants to help raise five thousand dollars in donations for these poor animals. This act would help many other people get inspired to adopt an animal from shelters.

For more incredibly odd stories, check out the site below:


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