Check out this not-so popular but addicting game!

By Ian Rodriguez, 6th grader

Tomodachi Life is a game that you create yourself in the form of a Mii, Nintendo’s way of making your avatar. With this avatar, they live out  their life on an abandoned island. The first Mii that you create will obviously be yourself. And all the islanders that you created refer to you as your first Miis look-alike. Your Mii and the ones that you created can become friends, enemies, couples, and they can even get married and have babies!

When creating your Miis, you can choose from how they talk to how big their eyes are! Also, you can even choose their personality! Depending on how you create their personalities, they are categorized into personality groups. And then there are sub personality groups. The four main personality groups are: Independent, Confident, Easygoing, and Outgoing. Each category has four sub groups.  Each one affects who the Miis become friends with, who they become couples with, and who they become enemies with. Not only can you decide their personality, you can also buy them different styles of clothes, hats, and interiors for their apartments!

So overall, Tomodachi Life is a game where you create Miis and customize them to your choosing. Whatever you want your Miis to look like, you can do it!


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