Islands of Adventure: The Wonders of Roller coasters

By: Miguel Escoto

Have you ever been to Islands of Adventure in Orlando? Many people that have been there enjoy it, it has a rating of 4.6 stars! It has a total of five different roller coasters and three different water rides. The most famous roller coasters are Dragon Challenge and the world-famous Incredible Hulk Ride. It is a giant theme park too, with a total of 110 acres that’s pretty huge! It is also connected with Universal Studios via the “Hogwarts Express”, the stations are in “Diagon Alley” and “Hogsmeade”. The park has Harry Potter themed places. It is very pricey so don’t forget to bring cash make sure to bring your wallet if you would like to buy items from there. Islands of Adventure has great food and drinks too, like “Butterbeer” in Hogsmeade.

Islands of Adventure opened up on May 28th, 1999. The owner is NBCUniversal. This is a very fun place to be… you can ride the intense rides that people love. This is Islands Of Adventure, one of Florida’s many theme parks. It has a kid-friendly atmosphere and visited by many people. See you there!





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