Kevin Durant catching fire with Golden State Warriors

By Anthony Hector, 6th grader

Kevin Durant has been fitting in great with the warriors with about 30 points per game.  Durant’s three pointer has been deadly shooting about 430 percent from three. It looks like Kevin has become the new member of the splash bros, which is a nickname for Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Kevin Durant’s next game is against the New Orleans Pelicans which isn’t the best team with an 0-6 record. I’m sure Kevin will dominate from three along with Stephen Curry . Even with all the fights and arguments that the warriors had with the Oklahoma Thunder last year in the playoffs Kevin has found a way to fit in and create that special chemistry with his new teammates.

The Warriors are 4-2 this season with Kevin Durant. I am positive that the warriors will finish with a great record with someone as good as Kevin right beside Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Durant has been dominating so far. I hope the warriors do great this season with their new teammate Kevin Durant.


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