The popular video game Undertale is back!

By Nicholas Macias

Undertale is becoming a famous game. Undertale flips the usual fight-till-you-die premise in games on its head. It not only allows you to not only get through the game without fighting, but allows you to interact with the monsters, from having a flexing match with them, to even going on (really bad) dates! Instead of ordinary role playing games, where the monsters are essentially just entities to slaughter, Undertale gives each monster unique characters, speech patterns and different ways of interacting with the player, depending on the different choices that the player makes. The first character you meet in Undertale is named Toriel. She’s a mother caring over underground ruins filled with monsters. Famous youtubers play this game too. It has awesome music and gameplay! It has a bunch of different bosses such as Asgore and Undyne. You can take three different paths,such as the pacifist, genocide, and neutral. Pacifist you only spare monsters, genocide is when you only kill monsters, and neutral is when you kill and spare monsters. You can find it on steam for $9.99. There is so much to discover in this game.


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