Election day is almost here!

By: Marianna Lasalle, 6th grader

Election day is almost here so get your polls ready to vote.If you are too young then get ready to help your parents decide who to vote for. The race is finally on for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, their votes will decide on who will be the next president of the United States Of America. Early voting has already started but the real election is on November 8th, so you better decide quick. As some people might know Hillary Clinton is in the democratic party and Donald Trump is in the republican party.

There are many people that want Trump to win but according to the votes more people want Hillary to win. Though there is still a chance that Donald Trump can win. According to the “2016 Elections it states that Hillary has 259 electoral votes and Trump has 161 electoral votes. Let’s hope for the best and have the best person to win. Everyone be prepared to vote because election day is in four days!

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