A dedicated school counselor shares his challenges

By JohnReynes

Being a school counselor isn’t an easy task and our school counselor here at Mater Gardens Academy shows us the challenges he faces in his career. Mr. Castillo is 34 years old and has worked at MGA for 10 years. Castillo is an on staff bullying counselor.

According to Mr. Castillo his biggest accomplishment is specializing in education. Before working at MGA his former job was working at a bank. As time progressed Mr. Castillo decided to work with children instead.

“I knew I was destined to help children,” said Castillo. However, despite loving his current job at MGA, he says his dream job was always to become a medical examiner.

Some of the challenges that he faces on a daily basis relates to bullying, among other things like administrative work. Surprisingly bullying even occurs within school staff and Castillo says there are always ways to solve these issues.

“You should first address the problem by talking and if that doesn’t work, you must give consequences,” said Castillo.

One of the biggest improvements that could be made in the school according to Castillo is to have more consistency. He says if this happens, work ethics could improve.

Mr. Castillo also is a part-time teacher for social studies and teaches 7th grade civics. If you see Mr. Castillo around, make sure to say hello and thank him for his service.





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