Epcot: the place of wonders

By Angela Rojas
There is an awesome place called Epcot waiting for you right now! There are many rides, attractions, etc. But first, let’s talk about the ride, “Spaceship Earth”.”Spaceship Earth” takes you back to the stone age and the future. You’ll be seeing a lot of people waiting in a huge line! This awesome ride entertains people of all ages. Hate science, but love “The Ellen Show”? This ride,” Ellen’s Energy Adventure” is hilarious and educational with the facts of science. It starts off like sitting in a movie theater, but then it moves slowly,taking you with the dinosaurs.At the end, it will ask you some questions if you were paying attention!

There is a other thrilling ride that you’ll remember forever! Test Track is the ride you’ll want to go again. First it will take you up a sledge that is sort of steep. Next it will test your car by zooming really fast, to see if it won’t crash for the final track. Then, “ZOOM” the car will turn sideways with the track really fast. This is a ride you won’t want to miss when you visit Epcot! Hope to see you there one day!


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