Officer Rodolfo ready for action every day

By Yeneily Lopez

Officer Rodolfo Bello started his career as a police officer at a very young age. Now at age 53 years old , he’s a commander of a division. He has been a police department for 23 years now, and his dedication to his job has earned him various high level awards. Rudy has said that he enjoyed the job from the beginning and there has been no regrets.

I have always said to myself, “finish what you start and never give up” quoted Bello. Even though his grandparents and mother told him that joining the force was a bad idea because it was too dangerous,he did not listen. He said that helping people is a very important thing to him. Making people pay for their crimes and keeping people safe are his main goal. Bello has also stated that he wants to finish his career and that he only has five years left till retirement, but most likely will keep working. One thing he would like to change is the day off ,as a father of three he would like to have more days with his family.

In all the years working, Bello has been a police officer and says he has no regrets.

“If I could do it over again, I would,” said Bello.

He also mentioned that this has been one of his dreams since he was a child and that he is glad that this is his job.Looking back on his life he realizes that police-work has changed a lot but he still has the same goal of helping people and making them pay for their crimes. Overall, he agrees that it has been a very fulfilling career ,even though he could retire in five years, he hopes to continue his career and help more and more people each day.


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